About Us

Jeffrey Deshaies, CEO


Jeffrey is the CEO of Aryus Homes and responsible for managing the overall operations and vision of the company.

Call (530) 395-1096 or email at jeff@aryushomes.com

Celine Cowan, President


 Celine is our drafting specialist with over 20 years experience.  She has an extensive mechanical and structural background.  She manages a team of designers to bring your vision to a reality.

Call (530) 395-1091 or email at celine@aryushomes.com

Both Jeffrey and Celine worked in rebuilding Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada after Canada's largest wildfire in 2016.  After working on many rebuilding projects, they want to share their skills and assist the residents of Paradise in getting back into homes.  

They both enjoyed their time in Paradise, CA and are looking forward to bringing their families to the area and calling it home.  

Both Jeffrey and Celine have extensive experience in construction and are effectively working towards a California C10 license and GC licensing with the California Contractors State License Board, and once licensed Aryus Homes would then be able to offer construction services as well.  Until then, we would be happy to help you with all your upfront planning and design needs.  Aryus Homes is also in the process of relocating a Structural insulated Panel plant to Paradise.  The plant will manufacture several building products needed for construction.  Having the plant locally will employ locals to stimulate economic growth in the community, and also allow for reduced construction costs.  View our video on our home page for more information.